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Another City Chooses OpenWay Riva

  The Water Finance & Management website is reporting that Waco, Texas has become one of the latest cities to ink a deal with Itron to install the company’s powerful IoT (Internet of Things) OpenWay Riva solution. OpenWay Riva includes a series of leak sensors and water communication modules aimed at improving water delivery and … Continued

What’s Your Meter Data Worth?

There is little doubt that modern water meters have shown their tremendous benefits, such as getting rid of the need for manual reading for instance. As a utility, have you ever evaluated how regular meter data affects the bottom line? Meter data has massive value, but this value is only apparent when it’s actually utilized. … Continued

Smart Water Meters Dramatically Improve Water Usage

The November 2018 issue of Journal AWWA shows some fascinating findings regarding the relationship between smart water meters and data analytics. Water leaks remain a major issue for utilities all around the world. Here in the United States, over ten percent of indoor water consumption that’s lost is a result of leaks. In fact, about … Continued

Smart Water Meters Save Money

Installation cost is something important to keep in mind when dealing with water meters and your distribution network. With that in mind, there are a couple of useful things smart water meters can do that may end up being valuable and save a utility money in the long run. Temperature detection. While temperatures rarely drop … Continued

FLO-DAR Delivers Easy Open Channel Flow Monitoring

For industrial water, wastewater, or collection systems applications, the Hach FLO-DAR® AV Sensor delivers a unique approach to monitoring open channel flow. Using a fusion of modern technology like Digital Doppler Radar velocity sensing with ultrasonic pulse echo depth sensing, the FLO-DAR is able to measure this channel flow remotely. It works with the wireless … Continued

Yet Another City Relies on the SL-RAT

Over in Duncan, Oklahoma, heavy rainfall during the two-year period of 2015-2016 made it increasingly clear the city’s wastewater collection system was not up to the task of dealing with so much water, exposing deficiencies in the system. Though Duncan’s Wastewater Treatment Plant was built to treat just over six million gallons of wastewater on … Continued

Flexible Operation with the LectroCount LCR 600

The LectroCount™ LCR 600 by Liquid Controls is an electronic meter register utilizing a microprocessor. When it is installed alongside the proper system accessories, the LCR 600 is effective for use with Weights & Measures approved custody transfer actions in installations regardless of whether they are fixed or mobile. Users can operate the LCR 600 … Continued

Smart Output and AMR/AMI Systems

  Automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems are becoming increasingly commonplace as utilities seek to strengthen customer relations, improve operations, and provide data available in real-time. Today’s meters are expected to be able to seamlessly communicate with these AMI and AMR systems, and with McCrometer’s Smart Output technology, AMI and AMR … Continued

Learn More About the SL-RAT at WEFTEC 2018

We’ve talked a lot about InfoSense’s time-saving Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) and how more and more cities throughout the country are using it to cut costs and maximize the time spent inspecting pipes for blockages. Using a transmitter and receiver, the SL-RAT takes about three minutes to deliver a grade indicating the amount … Continued

City of Gulfport Solves Years of Lost Revenue

The City of Gulfport, Mississippi was aware of its issues with sewer processing fees that were not being billed properly or accounted for. Due to a lack of a reliable method of measuring the sewer flow, there was not much that could be done to address the situation. Gulfport sought the assistance of a company … Continued

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Multiple Electrodes Make for Greater Accuracy with the FPI Mag

The drive to provide an optimum level of service plus the scarcity of water has spurred utility managers to concentrate more on obtaining the most accurate and current insights into their distribution systems. A major aspect of this involves flow measurement. Traditional center-line electromagnetic flow meters do not account for variations in velocities across a … Continued