Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Streamlining Flow Monitoring with Ultrasonic Clamp-On Meters

  At Avanti, we understand how critical accurate flow measurements are, which is why we are proud to offer some of the most advanced ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters on the market. An ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter utilizes non-intrusive measurement capabilities to monitor liquid flow without the need to cut into a pipe or disrupt the … Continued

Flow Meters: The Key to Sustainable Water Management in Cities

As the world progresses towards being more conscious of its environmental impact and smart cities come into the center of discussion, water metering technologies have become an integral part of development in cities, towns, and other residential areas across the globe. Advanced water metering technologies provide data about how much water is used, when it … Continued

Redefining Water Management with Flow Meters

  The global population is growing, and with it, the demand for water. In order to meet this demand, utilities are under pressure to find ways to conserve water and reduce losses. One way to do this is to use flow meters.   Flow meters are devices that measure the volume of water flowing through … Continued

Ensuring Accuracy and Longevity: Flow Meter Maintenance Tips

  Regularly maintaining your flow meter is essential for its longevity and ensuring its peak performance. Flow meters, especially those used in industrial settings, can suffer from faulty readings and equipment issues if it improperly serviced or maintained. Without regular maintenance and servicing, minor problems can quickly snowball into full-on equipment failures. That’s why staying … Continued

Unlocking Efficiency: How McCrometer Flow Meters and Telemetry Lead the Way

  When it comes to managing water resources for municipalities, accurate and efficient flow measurement is becoming increasingly important. That is why the use of telemetry has revolutionized the way that municipalities and water management authorities measure and monitor flow.    At the Avanti Company, we understand the invaluable role that telemetry plays in the … Continued

The Importance of Flow Meters in Agricultural Irrigation

  Flow meters are essential for accurate irrigation management in agriculture. By measuring the amount of water that is being applied to crops, farmers can ensure that they are using water efficiently and effectively. This can help to save water, reduce costs, and improve crop yields.   There are a variety of flow meters available … Continued

The Vital Role of Flow Meters in Sewer Flow Monitoring

When it comes to sewer flow monitoring, flow meters play an integral role in the process. Flow meters measure the speed, rate of flow, and volume of water in a system, so sewer systems can achieve optimal performance that meets strict environmental standards. By accurately measuring the rate of the flow, monitoring changes over time, … Continued

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Flow Meters

  Flow is a vital aspect of innumerable industrial processes. Flow meters, in particular, play a pivotal role in accurately measuring and monitoring this flow for efficient operations. But, what are flow meters, and how do they function?    A Peek Under The Hood of Flow Meters   Very simply, flow meters are sophisticated devices … Continued