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Cedar Rapids Implements McCrometer FPI-X Mag


With over 50,000 metered accounts and 128,000 residents, the water division of Cedar Rapids, Iowa needed a reliable and high powered solution to replace it underperforming and high maintenance meters.

That is why it turned to McCrometer’s acclaimed FPI-X Mag Flow Meter, the newest configuration of the widely lauded FPI Mag series.

In the over two years since they were installed, the Utility has reaped significant and measurable results, as the following case study reports:

Brian Jess, Instrument Technician, said, “We spent some time looking closely at various flow meters, and the FPI-X Mag’s track record is outstanding as compared to previous meters. The FPI-X Mag is reliable for operations staff, its maintenance is next to nil, it’s easy to take out if needed…overall, you could say I’m ecstatic with the product.”…

…Tariq Baloch, Water Utility Plant Manager for the City of Cedar Rapids Water Division, has been impressed with McCrometer’s level of field and factory support while making the purchase and throughout product ownership. “The support received was exemplary, and we’ve worked with a lot of different vendors,” Tariq said. McCrometer’s FPI Mag meter also stood out to the city’s team because of its economical product cost, low total installation cost, low overall cost of ownership and high accuracy. Its multi-point electromagnetic flow sensing design provides accurate measurement under turbulent flow conditions and high repeatability in the city’s demanding water quality environments.

Bill Connolly, another city Instrument Technician, says, “The FPI-X Mag is between maintenance free and maintenance friendly. We don’t get any of the interference that occurs with ultrasonic models. The FPI-X Mag is easy to set up and very accurate. “

An in-depth assessment by the division’s operations and maintenance team found that the FPI-X Mag “greatly improved accuracy” while “nearly [eliminating] maintenance problems” experienced by the previous meters.

The FPI-X was chosen for a range of versatile factors: aside from its incredible accuracy, comparatively low upkeep, and relatively easy installation, the cutting-edge meter resolves space limitations, transmitter interference from pipe condensation, and the highly variable flow rate.

The FPI-X’s unique design, premium construction, and rigorously-tested performance have made it a leading solution for Utilities across the nation. That is why the Avanti Company is proud to be McCrometer’s representative for this superb Flow Meter Product.

To learn more, call us at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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