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Choosing the Right AMI System Solution for Your Technical Support Needs

When it comes to AMI systems, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right solution for your technical support needs. Whether you need district metering, acoustic leak detection, or metered leak detection, an AMI system can provide the data necessary to conserve and reduce non-revenue water.


District metering is a great way to reduce non-revenue water losses by collecting consumption data from water meters on an interval-by-interval basis and comparing consumption from all the meters that feed into a district with the combined consumption of all the meters in the same district. This technique allows for more insight into where leaks may be occurring in the network. The data collected through the AMI system can be used to help identify the source of the leak and address it quickly and efficiently.


Acoustic leak detection is another way to reduce non-revenue water losses. Acoustic leak sensors, AMI technology, and data analysis software allow utilities to remain proactive about leaks. This approach uses a communication module where the system collects and analyzes vibration patterns from anywhere in the distribution system. By being able to detect and address leaks in a timely manner, utilities can reduce repair costs and extend the life of their water infrastructure.


Metered leak detection is a great way to determine which customers may have leaks in their premises. By recording a consumption reading every hour, the communication module can detect if there has been flow during the previous hour or if consumption has not occurred. This data is then sent to an AMI collection engine where utility workers can view potential leaks and other pertinent information such as if leaks have been repaired or how long they have been occurring. The utility can therefore send notices of possible leaks to these accounts and in this way provide a valuable service to their customers and reduce overall water production by minimizing leaks throughout their water distribution system.


When selecting an AMI system solution for your technical support needs, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of system and choose the one that best fits your particular needs. By doing so, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your investment and that your utility is conserving and reducing non-revenue water.


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