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Choosing the Right Flow Meter: A Key Decision for Water Metering


The use of flow meters is paramount in the water meter industry – making sure that the measurement and tracking of water quantity is accurate. A flow meter is a precise instrument used to measure the flow (or rate) of liquid, gas, or other material made to flow through a pipe or other medium. It is critical that an efficient, yet reliable flow meter is used in order for water quantity to be accurately monitored and tracked.


Flow meters can be found in many different variations and varieties, and the right kind must be selected for each application. For larger water meter use, the most common flow meter types are Turbine, Multi-Jet, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, and Vortex.


Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters are highly accurate and work by increasing or decreasing in rotational speed with each moment of water. It is correct within 2% meaning it can measure minute differences in the flow of water! They come with both mechanical and electronic register varieties and are sturdy and able to operate with little maintenance.


Multi-Jet Flow Meters

Multi-jet flow meters, for instance, provide accuracy and mechanical simplicity. It measures the rate of water by displacing a certain volume of water, and the meter works by filling and emptying the measuring chamber. When used in an industrial setting, the multi-jet flow meter is resistant to extreme temperatures and to shocks making it the right choice for cold or warm water measurements.


Electromagnetic Flow Meters

The electromagnetic flow meter works using a combination of electromagnetism, the Faraday’s Law of Induction, and Ohm’s Law. To make sure that accurate measurements of flow are taken, the velocity of an electrically conductive fluid is measured and is calculated into a volumetric total and flow rate. This is especially useful for municipal water meters that measure water usage on the customer’s side to ensure accuracy.


Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters are a fairly new technology in the water meter industry. It works by measuring the time difference between an ultrasonic sound pulse that is sent, then bounced back from both endpoints in the pipe. They are very accurate. 


The last type of flow meter for the water meter industry is the Vortex flow meter. It measures the vortex shedding phenomenon which works by triggering the shedding of vortices, or swirling patterns in water around a bluff body that is placed in a pipe’s pathway. Making sure no excessive pressure losses, the power of the sensors and the flow meters accuracy will be maintained consistently.


With all the different types of flow meters, it can be difficult to decide which one should be installed for an application. It takes a knowledgeable expert to assess which type of flow meter would produce the best accuracy. Taking all these different parameters into account, the right type of flow meter can help make sure any water meter installation project goes smoothly and accurate measurements are provided.



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