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City of Bellevue Chooses the Efficient SL-RAT

sl-RatPer an article published in Bellevue Leader, the City of Bellevue, Nebraska finds itself facing a bill of more than $75 million dollars in order to make sewer pipeline repairs. Earlier this year, the city began acoustically inspecting its 350+ mile pipeline system to detect problems and collect essential information. Upon completion, the city will roll out video inspection in the areas where the acoustic inspection detected potential issues.

Bellevue has already inspected over 400,000 linear feet of pipeline thanks largely to the performance of the tools it has chosen to use. In this case, that tool is the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) by Infosense. A highly portable onsite assessment solution, the SL-RAT can accurately assess sewer/pipeline blockage in as little as three minutes. It is comprised of a pair of components called the Transmitter (TX) and the Receiver (RX) unit. The former provides active acoustic transmission while the former is responsible for “listening” and processing the signal being received to determine the blockage. Each SL-RAT also has built-in GPS and RF communication.

For additional information on the SL-RAT or to purchase a unit, please visit the SL-RAT product page on The Avanti Company website.

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