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Cobb County Saves Time and Money with Syrinix

Cobb County Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA) is home to a main loop, transporting water around its jurisdiction with a large diameter transmission pipe. The loop extends more than seventy miles and is comprised of ductile and PCCP pipe with diameters as big as 54 inches.

Due to the considerable lengths of the line, the installation of a standard leak detection system or an inspection would have proved to be far too costly to CCMWA. In response, the utility chose to deploy a series of Syrinix PIPEMINDER-S devices to evaluate what was happening inside of the main.

To better comprehend the network of water, it is important to collect frequent and planned pressure events during typical service. This data serves as a measure for forecasting of how the network will behave under varying circumstances and highlight any unanticipated pressure events.

When the connection between changes in the system’s architecture and pressure events are made, transients and spikes that don’t suit operational conditions become even more important.

Following a concerted field test, a 36-inch butterfly valve was found to have a defective actuator, leaving the disk in an almost closed position at nearly all times, no matter the apparent location of the valve actuator. Using PIPEMINDER graphs, it was easy to see where events were occurring abnormally due to the broken actuator, allowing CCMWA to determine and address problems quickly and, therefore, make more informed decisions.

To read more, visit https://www.syrinix.com/us/case-studies-us/cobb-county-marietta-water-authority-actionable-insight/.

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