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Collection System Assessment With 64Seconds

The Avanti Company offers a wide range of systems that can record and assess utility assets for both water and wastewater systems, including wastewater line assessments, water leak detection, inspections, and asset management for water and wastewater. We also offer turnkey services for system recordings for utilities.


One of our preferred products is 64Seconds’ WaterPoint PLD. The WaterPoint PLD analyzes and tracks sounds from pipes that are located underground using their WaterPoint PLD app. The app is available for Apple devices only. The high-quality and accurate soundtracking and processes give users the ability to locate exactly where leaks occur.


The advanced sensor in the WaterPoint PLD system can detect sounds clearer than ever before. Some other features include:


  • High-resolution signal processors to discard unnecessary noise so users can determine leak location faster
  • Frequency boosting that can pick up on minuscule sounds emulating from plastic pipes and ground surfaces
  • Smart volume levels
  • Contact, ground, and plastic pipe touch filter settings
  • The ability to playback leak sounds from the last three recorded locations
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 allows wireless communications
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery


When you order the WaterPoint PLD from 64Seconfs through the Avanti Company, you will receive in each kit:


  • One sensing unit
  • One handle rod that can detach and extend
  • One eyebolt lifter that detaches
  • One base stand
  • One short contract probe
  • One Apple iPod Touch™
  • One protective case for the Apple iPod Touch™
  • One set of noise attenuating headphones
  • One Pelican iStorm™ carrying case
  • Recharging cables
  • One user’s manual
  • One year limited warranty (does not cover the Apple iPod Touch™, which has coverage under Apple’s 90-day warranty only)


Ready to order? Call us at 800.284.5231. For more information about a flow meter and on site flow meter testing, visit us online.

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