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Dallas Suburb Finally Converts to Smart Meters

Smart water meters and collection system meters have been on the rise in terms of replacing old industrial systems. Cities large and small across the nation, even the world, are beginning to make the switch to save their company and their customers time, money, and resources. Recently, a Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex suburb, Mesquite – located just a few miles east of Dallas city limits – has begun work on converting their manual water meters to one that will support an electronic flow meter system.


This will allow the roughly 143,456 residents throughout the 47.22 square meter-sized suburb access to water consumption information in a more timely manner. The project will affect nearly every residential and commercial customer. It will elevate the city’s current billing structure, letting residents have more control over how much water they use in a given month as well as their monthly bills.


They plan on replacing 42,000 meters in the city’s utility system and expect the total time of the project to last for two years.


The companies spearheading the developmental project will be Ameresco and their subcontractor Pedal Value (PVI). They will be replacing old meters with updated equipment, aiming to keep it within a thirty-minute time frame. The city of Mesquite will be mailing residents notices for when work will begin in their area. Crews will be delivering signage throughout the work area as an extra precaution.


The city says that residents should expect courtesy knocks on their front door, which will explain the process. The city asks that residents do not use water during the installation time in their area.

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