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Dealing with Agricultural Flow Debris

Debris in a pipeline can mean a wide range of organic or inorganic matter – but what really matters is the effect it has on your flow meter and measurement data. So, how does debris affect various flow meters, and what are your best options for various flow applications?

Let’s take a look.

Agriculture surface water systems direct water from water bodies or other similar sources, and as a result, natural vegetation is plentiful and sometimes flows directly into the pipeline alongside the water. As the water is pumped out, it may collect vegetation, moss, leaves, and more. Any organic matter can still make it through, even with screening. This matter, as well as the sediment, can cause mechanical meter problems and affect precision.

Abrasive particulates in bigger sediment debris in some electromagnetic (mag) flow meters can cause tears in the lining, potentially leading to issues with meter operation and, as a result, expensive replacement. Mag meters such as McCrometer’s Dura Mag® feature a fusion-bonded epoxy coating, resulting in a durable flow meter designed to resist rough particulates. Mag meters typically work very well on dirty flows with debris.

Although mag meters maintain popularity among irrigators and farmers, the classic propeller is also preferred by some. McCrometer provides the “reverse” water meter for surface-water applications to satisfy the needs of that market. This meter is the famous McPropeller® but the “L” support points downstream, allowing for debris to shed. The manner in which the propeller is mounted in reverse allows the propeller to rid the bearing assembly of sediment, preventing corrosion.

Insertion mag meters are a consideration for water or irrigation districts (or for agricultural operations of larger scale) that need to acquire a higher quantity of flow. The McMag3000® and McMag2000™ worthwhile options for debris shedding due to the less invasive angled sensors.

The insertion mags are ideal for districts that retrofit flow meters since a hole saw is an option for pipelines that can be handily inserted via saddle-style mag probes into the line.

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