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Dependable Field Collection From Itron FCS

Itron has a well-established reputation for developing innovative metering solutions, particularly in the vital area of data management and collection. Few Flow Meter products are more exemplary in this regard than the Field Collection System (FCS), a market leader in data collection for handheld and mobile Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems.

Specially designed for large electric, gas, and water operations, this next generation system represents the latest in quick and efficient data collection. FCS relies on the ubiquitous Microsoft Windows operating system to promote optimal versatility and convenience. It can collect data from multiple meter types; is fully compatible with all Itron collection devices currently on the market, including optimal and water probes; and can easily integrate with third-party software applications to provide effortless billing, meter data management, and data analysis.

By combining the speed and high performance of mobile route processing, along with the easy maintenance and versatility of Window-based systems, this system offers the best solution on the market for integral data collection. Itron FCS can support horizontal scaling, which is ideal for utilities seeking to grow their systems. For additional operational flexibility, the system uses TCP/IP technology that give utilities many options for data exchanging, including LAN, wireless WAN, broadband, and telephone modem support. It also supports two of the biggest and most popular database platforms: Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

In short, Itron FCS helps bolster efficiency in the most versatile and comprehensive way possible. Utilities can reliably collect meter data from an array of endpoint types, process handheld and mobile routes with greater speed and less cost, and reduce infrastructure costs by cutting out the need for intermediate computer systems. All this in turn improves customer satisfaction and leads to greater long-term growth and efficiency.

No modern Utilities should overlook this vital cost- and time-saving tool, especially when it is backed by a world-class brand like Itron. To learn more about FCS, contact the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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