Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Determining Flow Technology Compatibility

Many considerations will impact what type of meter is best for the job. It will help tremendously to consider the local environment, any possible pipeline intervention, and what the project priorities are. The flow meter can be used as a guide to making rational decisions about flow by knowing how it will interact with the current setup of the consumer.

In volumetric terminology, a propeller meter calculates flow: how many times the sum of water passing into the conduit causes propeller rotation. Any elbows, T-junctions, and active valves that are nearby will likely result in line churn, which can then impact the propeller to spin more rapidly or slowly, influencing the reading. Swirl and erratic flow profiles are eliminated by a flow straightener or straightening vanes so that the propeller meter can obtain a correct volumetric reading. Insertion mag meters, on the other hand, enable the flow rate to be read by a fully designed flow profile.

Supported by their construction, flow straighteners and vanes can differ in how they affect mag meters. For instance, on a fully formed flow profile, the McCrometer FPI Mag®, SPI Mag®, and Mc®Mag3000 flow meters offer optimum reliability since their electrode location and sensor structure need a bit of distance from flow disturbers. Full-bore mag meters like the Dura Mag® and the Ultra Mag®, because of the full bore design, are less influenced by straightening parts.

The new McMag2000™ from McCrometer is a little more robust in tolerating existing straightening elements in the rows.

To read more, please visit https://blog.mccrometer.com/electromagnetic-flow-meters-flow-straighteners-and-vanes-compatible-or-not/.

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