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Dramatically Reduce the Odds of SSOs With Cutting-Edge FOG Software

The acronym FOG Stands for Fats, Oils, and Grease. These substances often lead to major headaches due to their propensity in causing Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) by creating blockages. The issue is typically caused by Food Service Establishments FSE’s that make fried foods and dump the grease down the drain, versus having it taken away by a pumper truck.

With the new FOG compliance and mitigation software by Hach, utilities and those working with wastewater management are in a much better position to keep FOG at a minimum in their system before it becomes a major, costly issue. The FOG management software enhanced the ability of the Utility to enforce FOG guidelines and keep the FSE’s in compliance.

Using any modern web browser, the FOG software allows users to streamline and automate many of the more cumbersome tasks associated with compliance control. It’s easy to keep tabs on inspection schedules, determine frequencies, and it also allows users to create custom forms specifically for the utility to ensure inspections remain a priority and less time is wasted with repetitive data entry.

The software keeps track of all communications, inspections, violations, and maintenance history to simplify the process of compliance management and make it easier to take the steps necessary to ensure compliance is maintained. Go beyond pump-outs to automatically assess non-compliance by making use of inspection results or other data for unmatched power.

Please contact The Avanti Company at 863-453-5336 for more information on the FOG software or our other services like on-site flow meter testing and our product portfolio including water meters.

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