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Easy Utility Management With the 64seconds WaterPoint Network

The WaterPoint Network (WPN) system is a complete solution for efficient utility management. It integrates many essential features like leak detection, asset management, and managing orders through the use of an iOS app. For infrastructures such as wastewater, gas distribution, and stormwater, WPN can prove to be an invaluable tool.

With WPN asset management features, a wealth of information is always at your fingerprints including vital details like the pipe, meter, and water source location, photos, models, and more. Using the interactive map, it is easy to create locations for pipe and other assets such as valves and hydrants. This can be done by simply drawing on the map, tracing pipe routes using the “Follow Me” feature, or simply importing asset and pipe information from another GIS system.

Using the work order management features, steps like installation, repairs, leak surveys, and water quality testing can all be recorded. Furthermore, supervisors can easily send out crew work orders while keeping track of details like costs and the status of the job.

As for leak detection, WPN makes it easy to pinpoint leaks and even save recordings which can then be shared in real-time.

The Avanti Company was founded in 1977 by Paul and Justine Devlin and is headquartered in Avon Park, FL. We provide water meters, metering systems, AMI support, on-site flow meter testing, sewer flow monitoring, inspection, and assessment services for the water, wastewater, agricultural, petroleum, and industrial marketplaces. Avanti represents products from McCrometer, Itron, Badger Industrial, Hach Flow, Honeywell/Elster, 64 seconds, Infosense, Nicor, Syrinix, and others. Please visit our website at www.avanticompany.com, email us at info@avanticompany.com, or call us at 863-453-5336 for assistance with all of your flow meter and metering system needs.

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