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Easy Walk-By Meter Reading with Itron Mobile Radio

itron-mobile-radioDesigned for use with Itron’s endpoint solutions, the Itron Mobile Radio is a durable yet lightweight and portable all-purpose walk-by reader and programmer solution. The radio uses Itron’s unique SRead technology to communicate with multiple telemetry, electric, water, and gas endpoints using Field Deployment Manager or Itron Mobile. Its construction is designed to handle rugged field environment, delivering the utmost platform reliability for utility personnel.

Itron Mobile Radio’s walk-by meter reading uses a Bluetooth connection to a tablet or smartphone, making communications simple and quick. The device also supports Advanced AMR two-way commands with Itron endpoints for reading consumption, data logging message extraction, and operations involving secured shutoff and reconnection.

Utilities that already use mobile computing solution equipment in the field or those with in-house operations such as a meter shop will find Itron Mobile Radio to be an ideal and highly practical tool. Among its many features, it can extract over a month’s worth of data at various intervals from advanced gas and water endpoints and it can provide data on a daily basis to assist with billing disputes or customer service.

Itron Mobile Radio has a rechargeable 10-hour battery which can be recharged using any standard micro USB cable.

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