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Elizabethton Simplifies Inspection with the SL-RAT


The City of Elizabethton, Tennessee knows there is more to sustainability than simply having a robust infrastructure. The city’s Elizabethton Water Resources department is responsible for serving well over 25,000 customers across a 75-square-mile service area which comprises three water treatment plants and more than 250 miles of water distribution lines. Raw water is drawn from a trio of springs. Additionally, its several storage reservoirs can accommodate close to seven million gallons.

From the outset, Elizabethton seems to be doing just fine, with working sewers, good water quality, and award-winning wastewater plants. However, the infrastructure was resulting in sewer inflow and infiltration, and as much as 55 percent in water losses, due in part to cracked or broken lines. A massive overhaul involved detecting leaks, and Elizabethton chose to rely on the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tools (SL-RATs) by InfoSense, which has managed to expedite the process of identifying obstructions by showing what areas need to be investigated versus having to televise an entire system of more than sixty miles via CCTV.

You can read more about Elizabethton in the February 2019 issue of Municipal Sewer & Water: https://infosense.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/2019-02_MSW_ElizabethtonTN.pdf.

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