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Ensuring Accuracy and Longevity: Flow Meter Maintenance Tips


Regularly maintaining your flow meter is essential for its longevity and ensuring its peak performance. Flow meters, especially those used in industrial settings, can suffer from faulty readings and equipment issues if it improperly serviced or maintained. Without regular maintenance and servicing, minor problems can quickly snowball into full-on equipment failures. That’s why staying on top of the flow meters maintenance is important, which is why we have some simple tips for making sure it operates smoothly and keeps your operation running trouble-free. 


Start by conducting a regular inspection of the meter, as well as the mounting system it’s attached to. Making sure it’s firm helps further ensure accuracy of readings. It’s also important to inspect the flow meter lens, and any dirt, scratches, or imperfections on the lens can have an affect on the reading accuracy. 


After external inspections, you should check the internal components of the flow meter. Make sure the valve and moving parts are dirt-free and in good working order. It might be necessary to do a more thorough internal cleaning, but make sure you use a soft nonabrasive brush and avoid sharp objects, which could scratch or damage the delicate surfaces within.


You should also check to see if any software updates have been applied to the flow meter. Be sure to check your documentation as well as your manufacturer’s website. Periodic calibration is also important, as inaccurate readings can be caused by instrument wear and tear. Make sure to confirm the readings with a known, secondary ESC (External Standard Calibration) during calibration periods.


Finally, store any flow meters in a temperature-controlled environment, as extreme temperatures could lead to incorrect readings and damage.


Following these simple maintenance tips can help maintain the accuracy of your flow meters, and thus ensure long-term reliability and efficiency. Regularly servicing, inspecting, calibrating, and inspecting your flow meters ensures your equipment stays problem-free and well-maintained. Each of these small details can play a role in maintaining longevity – and fuelling accuracy and accuracy of your flow meters readings. 


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