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Explore Our Vast Selection of Water and Wastewater Meters for the Utility Industry

For over 35 years, the Avanti Company has been one of the top choices for high-quality Flow Meters. That’s because we’re dedicated to providing only the most effective and reliable meters on the market. It is part of our mission to give our clients only the best, which is why the following selection of meters comprises some of the top brands in the industry.

Elster AMCO Water Metering Systems is an industry leader in the development non-moving part electronic metering solutions to the water industry. Great for revenue billing, potable cold water in line sizes from 5/8”x1/2’ to 12” and flow rates from 1/8gpm – 5500gpm.

Hach Flow is well-suited for open channel sewer flow monitoring, sub AV, non-contact, velocity, level, and data delivery services.

Itron helps utilities around the world measure, manage, and analyze energy. A good choice for meter reading equipment, RF automatic meter reading, RF advanced metering infrastructure, and water loss management systems.

McCrometer is a leading global flow instrumentation specialist, developing innovative and precise flow meters for the most demanding applications in the world. Ideal for large distribution meters, propeller, flanged and full pipe insertion electromagnetic, DP, and remote monitoring systems.

McCrometer Connect offers a selection of turnkey solutions and an excellent level of system service and support. This gives you a wide variety of applications, including for agriculture, water management, hydrographics, meteorology, system pressures, and much more.

Micronics Inc. brings a full line of clamp-on ultrasonic transit time and doppler flow meters for all applications where you cannot cut the pipe or do not want anything in the flow stream.

Do-Mac Manufacturing offers the MAC Tester for on-site verification of residential meter accuracy.

A.Y. McDonald Mfg Co has been a leading manufacturer of waterworks brass, plumbing valves, meter bars, and more since its founding in 1856. They’re a great choice for unmeasured flow reducers.

Kessler Ellis is a top choice for electronic counters, batchers, timers, ratemeters, and PLC peripherals.

Palmer/Wahl Instrumentation Group specializes in pressure and temperature gauges, recorders, chart drives, volume recorders, thermometers, and thermowells.

Power Up is a leader in turnkey solar power systems and parts for remote metering locations that require alternate power.

As you can see, our extensive product line can accommodate a variety of needs and functions. If any unforeseen difficulties arise, we back our sales with in-house service capability, which will usually result in on-the-spot correction. It is our policy to help everyone we can, and when we cannot, to help you find the answer. That’s the Avanti way, and it’s served our clients well for several decades.

Furthermore, Avanti Company provides complete service capabilities for every product we sell, which includes testing, repair, rebuilding, maintenance, and calibration. For more information on these Water, Wastewater and Utilities meters, please call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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