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Flow Measurement Solutions for Better Slurry and Tailings Management


In the current economic environment, industries like mining are under pressure to improve productivity, cut costs, and increase efficiency. One avenue for achieving these goals is by optimizing flow measurement in mining operations, particularly in applications involving tailings and slurries. While many mining operations already use flow measurement devices, they might not be utilizing the most suitable technology or harnessing the full potential of these devices. To enhance revenue and operational efficiency, three key factors must be considered:

  1. Selecting the Right Technology: Different flow meters are required for different flow media, pipeline conditions, and application specifications in mining. Tailings operations and applications involving slurries demand flow meters that can withstand corrosive and abrasive flow media. Electromagnetic flow meters stand out due to their tolerance for suspended solids and lack of in-line components that obstruct flow. These meters are particularly valuable for optimizing water usage and increasing output in slurry and tailings pipelines.
  2. Ensuring Accuracy and Repeatability: Accurate and repeatable flow meters are crucial for precise reporting to regulatory bodies and making informed decisions about daily operations. Electromagnetic flow meters with durable liners or protective coatings are recommended for high-pressure, high-velocity slurry applications. Their ±0.2% accuracy and resistance to erosion help maintain accuracy even in challenging conditions. By preventing accuracy loss and erosion, these meters can positively impact production and output.
  3. Choosing Meters with Data Output Options: Mining operations, especially those involving tailings, require reliable data to meet regulatory requirements and ensure environmental protection. Flow meters that integrate with an operation’s monitoring system and offer various output options such as 4-20mA, Modbus, and Hart provide operators with real-time flow data. Battery-powered or solar-powered meters are ideal for remote locations, enabling streamlined software management systems to receive accurate and reliable flow data.

Implementing efficient flow meter solutions across various applications in mining streamlines processes, improves overall management, and contributes to resource conservation, sustainability goals, and profitability. By selecting the right technology, ensuring accuracy, and choosing meters with data output options, mining operations can not only comply with regulations but also gain valuable insights into the health, safety, and efficiency of their processes.


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