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FPI Mag Does Wonders For Utah Utility

McCrometer’s FPI Mag Flow Meter is among the most tested and proven Flow Meter Products on the market. An extensive list of case studies shows it excelling against a variety of challenges, proving its versatility and reliability to Utilities everywhere.

The latest Utility to benefit from this cutting-edge Flow Meter is the Ashley Valley Water & Sewer Improvement District outside the city of Vernal, Utah, which processes up to 8 million gallons of raw water a day. The district serves a thriving population of 10,000 residents, as well as local ranches and farmers who need water for livestock and crops.

Because the water supply is sourced from active springs that are fed by snow melt, output varies wildly depending on seasonal and weather variations. This makes accurate tracking of water use vital for both allocation and conservation purposes.

For this reason, regulations require the district to purchase water at a more expensive rate if the plant exceeds its water share allocation. That in turn means higher costs in terms of both operational overhead and customer rates.

Thus, Ashley Valley needed a solution that could optimize its efficiency while improving cost-effectiveness. The Utility turned to McCrometer and its state-of-the-art FPI Mag, which is known for its precious, effortless installation, and low upkeep.

As an official report on the meter’s implementation showed:

The installation process at the point of entry to the plant was simple: The 18 inch main line pipe was tapped and an FPI Mag meter with a saddle mount and transmitter was installed. Since the previous meter had already been wired, it was easy to connect the transmitter.

Goodrich said, “We deal with many different types of meters and applications where the meter display needs to be calibrated, which takes extra time and can be confusing. I’m pleased that we could install the FPI Mag so quickly, and the display right away made it easy to see it was working.”

According to Goodrich, adding the meter to the plant SCADA system was simple. He said, “The instructions were clear. As soon as the connection was made, the meter showed up immediately on the SCADA system.”

The district staff made a few adjustments to its SCADA program, and the meter was fully operational within the system. With no programming necessary, there was no need to hire a programmer and spend extra money to bring the meter online. Goodrich said, “That extra cost for programming can be a real problem in some cases and will actually prevent us from using some meters.”

The FPI Mag meter has been installed at the plant for about seven months with no maintenance needs. Goodrich said, “The meter design appears to be as if there will be no issues and it is simple to pull and clean when necessary.”

Even after an incident that required the plant to shut down, the FPI Mag Meter and its transmitter immediately came back on once power was returned, requiring no reset or additional adjustments.

The meter’s superior accuracy allowed the plant to ensure compliance with its water share regulations, leaving the district “impressed with the whole process, from ordering to installation.” Ashley Valley is even considering purchasing more FPI Mag Meters for a planned new treatment facility.

The Avanti Company is proud to offer this top-notch product to our customers. To learn more, call us at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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