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Friends, Family and Customers can watch us on Facebook everyday.

Friends, Family and Customers can see the daily adventures of  The Avanti Company as we go about our work and play by visiting our Facebook page anytime.  Check us out while we solve customers flow metering challenges, help them get more data to better manage their jobs and try and have a little fun while we work.

 The Avanti Company is in the business of providing flow meters and metering systems solutions to Water, Wastewater, Petroleum and Industrial customers.  We work hard to consult with anyone who needs assistance with a flow meter issue and provide the best solution for the application.  Representing multiple flow meter and system providers allows Avanti to make the best suggestion based on all possible options.  Avanti has been in business since 1977 and over the past 35 years we have earned a level of trust with our customers.  They know that we will always offer the best and most cost effective remedy. 

While we work hard at Avanti we also like to be involved in community and industry activities outside of work hours.  You can find us at water environmental protection events, not to mention most industry charity golf tournments.  “All work and…..all that”.  Avanti’s employees are also very involved in local community events and support charitable organizations on their own time.

You can watch us at work and play by clicking on the facebook icon on our home page or just search Avanti Company on Facebook.  Please like us on Facebook so we can spread the Avanti word to anyone who may need us.


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