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Getting to Know Team Avanti: Tim Devlin – Owner/President

The Avanti Company derives its strength as a leading provider Water Meters and metering systems from the integrity, quality, and professionalism of its staff. Today, we plan to introduce you to our Owner and President, Tim Devlin.

Tim is the son of founders Paul and Justine Devlin and joined The Avanti Company over 25 years ago.

Tim has been married to Robin Devlin for 27 years and they are blessed with three children Matt (who is Avanti’s Central Florida Sales Representative), Justine who is a Graduate Student in Behavioral Psychology at USF and Mark who is a High School Sophomore and accomplished Varsity Pitcher and 3rd baseman.

When not working, Tim spends his time chasing Mark around to ballgames and plays an occasional round of golf.  Actually Tim is an excellent Amateur golfer, Board Member at Pinecrest Golf Club and Chairman of the Greens Committee.

Tim has spent much of his Avanti career running Operations and specializes in Water Specialties and McCrometer metering products as well as our vast offering of Liquid Controls meters. In recent years Tim has focused on Avanti’s entire product line including metering systems from McCrometer Connect, Top Tech and Itron.

Tim now manages the entire Avanti team which has had employee growth by 28% over the last three years and includes an expansion of Avanti’s product lines and direct territory coverage to include all of Georgia as well as Florida. Avanti is strongly positioned for growth due to Tim’s committed leadership and team driven management style.

Tim Devlin Brings his years of experience and wisdom to the core goals of making sure our customers get the right product or service, when they need it, to help them do their jobs. He epitomizes why Avanti Company remains the go-to source for Flow Meters and Metering Systems.

Learn more about our company and our extensive line of Flow Meters by calling 800-284-5231 or emailing info@avanticompany.com.



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