Flow Meters & Metering Systems

How to Keep Your Meters in Good Shape

Keeping up-to-date with your meters and testing services is an important part of ensuring the longevity of your systems. Regular testing can help detect a number of issues, such as leaks before they advance and prove costly and inefficient. Avanti Company is happy to offer plenty of services for flow meters and more.


On site flow meter testing is ideal for agriculture, industrial, and municipal customers for the regular testing of flow meters in wells, plants, and residential or commercial sites. Local and state regulations also mandate periodic testing to ensure accurate reporting.


We have crews that will provide on-site meter testing to check for accuracy and compliance with required guidelines. We are certified by the Water Management Districts to provide this testing and have approved meter certifications. Our technology is non-intrusive, allowing meter readings without cutting service.


We also provide on-site support for all of our product offerings, as well as for our customers, including:


  • Meter application review

  • Metering systems application review

  • Itron AMR/AMI hardware and software implementation

  • Remote monitoring services

  • LCRII and DMS implementation

  • Metering support on all Avanti products

  • Repair, service, and/or replace Water Specialities and McCrometer flow meters with certified technicians.


Need any of the support listed above? Our team of certified technicians and professionals is ready to help. With over 40 years of experience, the Avanti Company has successfully assisted a number of companies in the agricultural and industrial industries with their flow meter needs. Visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231 to get started.

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