Flow Meters & Metering Systems

Improved Flow Meter Accuracy through Regular Calibration and Maintenance

Considering the variety of factors that can have a significant negative impact on the measurements made by flow meters, it is crucial that the equipment is installed and configured according to the manufacturer’s recommendations by trained technicians to ensure that the system operates at or above its maximum potential.


It’s crucial to keep in mind during the initial installation process that a calibration test must be conducted under typical operational conditions in order to accurately reflect the system activity. This implies that following initial setup, the system must be allowed to run until it reaches a level of fluid behavior that can be used to configure the equipment appropriately.


In addition to correctly configuring the equipment during installation, a regular series of calibration tests are required to verify the integrity of the individual components of the setup. The flow meter is susceptible to wear and tear, which will lead to a decreased level of performance and effectiveness, just like any machine with moving parts. As a result, flow meters need to undergo regular cleaning and recalibration tests in order to compare the instrument to a standard that has been approved by the industry. Either system diagnostics, which can point out any irregular characteristics, or independent software packages, which run in parallel with the current apparatus to provide a comparison, can be used to achieve this.


The Avanti Company offers a wide range of service options, including repairs, rebuilds, maintenance, and calibrations, in addition to technical support for these metering systems. These added-value services apply to all of our products and demonstrate our dedication to ensuring the quality and functionality of all of our meters.


To learn more about the Avanti Company and the services and products we provide, including flow meters and on-site flow meter testing, please visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231.

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