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Intelligent Flow Measurement with the DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter




The DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter is truly a versatile, hybrid tool able to measure liquid flow with a multitude of technologies, including Doppler, liquid thermal (heat energy) flow, and transit time. With its simple installation, the DXN measures flow using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors practically effortlessly.

Transit time flow meters measure the time difference between the travel time of an ultrasound wave going with the fluid flow and then against the fluid flow. The difference in time is then used to calculate the fluid velocity in a closed-pipe system.
Doppler flow meters transmit an ultrasonic wave from a transducer through the wall of the pipe which then goes into the moving liquid. The sound wave is “reflected” by suspended particles or bubbles moving alongside the liquid, which is then obtained by the receiving transducer.

The shift in frequency (Doppler effect) will take place directly proportional to the bubble or moving particle speed, which is interpreted by a digital signal processor (DSP) and converted into a measurement of the fluid velocity.
Thanks to its hybrid technology, the DXN can automatically determine the correct flow measurement by evaluating the quality of the signal when it is being operated. No matter what method is used to determine the velocity, multiplying the pipe’s cross-sectional area by the fluid velocity will result in a volumetric flow rate.

To learn more about the DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter, please visit https://avanticompany.com/content/uploads/2019/03/Hybrid-Ultrasonic-flow-meter.pdf.

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