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Introducing The Portaflow PF44OIP By Micronics

Developed by leading Flow Meter manufacturer Micronics, the Portaflow PF44OIP combines simplicity with versatility, with a state-of-the-art design and innovative non-invasive measurement of liquid flow. Its many applications include leak detection, boiler testing, balancing systems, hydraulic system testing, filter sizing, and much more.

The Portaflow is compact, rugged, and reliable. It is designed to offer quick and accurate flow measurement with minimal time and cost. In fact, its easy-to-follow menu and simple set-up process means you can get results within a few minutes.

Thanks to IP67 case and clamp-on IP68-rated transducers, the PF440IP can provide sustained performance in very hostile industrial environments. It can handle demanding external flow and submerged transducer applications for sustained periods of up to four months with one hour interval logging. The meter’s DSP measurement technique and Reynolds number correction further optimize its accuracy and dependability.

These characteristics make the Portaflow ideal for a wide range of industries, including water utilities, building services, energy management, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and more. Developed by one of the most pioneering specialists in portable meters, this acclaimed meter is a great choice for quick, efficient, and accurate metering.

Like all products we sell, the Portaflow is backed by the Avanti Company’s wide range of value-added services, including repairs, calibration, testing, and more. To learn more about this and other great Flow Meter Products, call us at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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