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Itron and Utilismart Join Forces to Enhance Metering Solutions

Itron, a prominent global provider of standard, advanced and smart meters, recently teamed with Utilismart Corporation to improve comprehensive metering solutions for cooperative and municipal electricity utilities.

Utilismart is a leading developer of innovative smart metering solutions. By embracing smart grid capabilities, the company aids small and medium-sized utilities in their digital transformation. Itron and Utilismart’s recent collaboration includes a lot of benefits for energy utilities. Cooperative and municipal electric utilities benefit from Utilismart’s turnkey solution, which includes project management, cellular data, meter data reading services and secure customer web portal scan.

As a result of the integration of Itron’s electric cellular meters with Utilismart’s end-to-end platform, small utilities and customers will be able to bridge the gap between automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). This collaboration will provide an alternative fully hosted and operated meter reading solution. Additionally their data presentation format will take into account the expanding submetering needs of utilities. Utilities will now have access to an end-to-end data management system that will help them automate their business processes and make future decisions more quickly. This alliance has the potential to be helpful to a number of different utilities.

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