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Itron Launches Online Partner Solution Marketplace to Better Serve Consumers

Itron, Inc., which is revolutionizing how utilities and cities manage energy and water, has announced the launch of Itron’s online Partner Solution Marketplace. This new marketplace allows Itron customers and prospects to access field-proven and pilot-ready solutions from third parties, simplifying the process of identifying and learning about solutions that can help them continue to modernize their infrastructure, as well as better serve their customers. The catalog features cutting-edge solutions, such as smart city technology and Distributed Intelligence (DI) apps, which can raise consumer energy awareness and enable more resourceful appliances, solar and electric vehicle charging management.

The Itron Partner Solution Marketplace complements Itron’s product catalog by allowing visitors to search for items by solution type, industry, supported connectivity models and geographical availability. Itron’s thriving partner ecosystem complements and extends its product offering, enabling a broad range of use cases. Visitors can explore ways to help provide the future of energy, water and smart cities by taking use of the marketplace.

Itron collaborates with technology innovators, consultants, service providers and channel partners to achieve results for utilities and communities on their path to being more resourceful. Customers may use the partner ecosystem to help speed up the modernization of utilities and cities, as well as transform their businesses to provide better customer service, safety and reliability.

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