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Itron Receives Approval for Smart Gas Meters in Canada

In Mid January 2022, Itron’s Intelis smart gas meters gained the approval of Measurement Canada for enhanced safety and more efficient operational savings to bring natural gas to Canada. The residential ultrasonic gas meters comply with PS-G-06 provisional requirements for these types of meters in Canada.


Itron’s Senior Vice President of Networked Solutions, John Marcolini, says of the approval, “Open fuel lines caused from natural disasters, human error or malicious intent pose a threat to utility infrastructure. To prepare for the unexpected, utilities and cities can benefit from the enhanced gas safety measures found in Itron’s Intelis gas meter.”


“With Measurement Canada approval, utilities can now deploy and rely upon the Intelis gas meter to automatically shut off within seconds of incident detection, regardless of utility involvement or network connectivity. Additionally, utilities operating under a network have the added benefit of being able to remotely shut off the valve in the event of an emergency. We are thrilled that the Intelis gas meter is the first residential ultrasonic meter with a shutoff valve to be approved by Measurement Canada.”


The Intelis smart gas meter is lightweight and allows self-monitoring shut-off, which is a benefit to both the utility companies and the residents. They can be shut off in high flow and low-temperature incidents, decreasing the risk for gas explosions.


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