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John Corey Retires After 19 Years With Avanti, Luis Hernandez Announced as New Vice President of Sales

The Avanti Company would like to congratulate John Corey on his retirement. John has 43 years of experience in the utility industry and 19 years with The Avanti Company. John’s retirement date will be effective as of June 18, 2021. John plans on continuing his hobby of being an avid writer, as well as spending more time with his grandchildren and traveling with his wife, Nancy. 


“Avanti is pleased for John to be able to retire, and we are truly thankful for all of the efforts he made on the company’s behalf throughout his 19 years at our Company,” commented Avanti President/Owner Tim Devlin. “Please join us in congratulating John on his retirement.”


The Avanti Company is also pleased to announce the appointment of Luis Hernandez as the Vice President of Sales, effective as of June 21, 2021. Luis is the South Florida Territory Manager for The Avanti Company and will be filling John Corey’s role upon his retirement. 


Luis has been in the utility industry for over 22 years, working with companies like Elster/Amco and Itron Inc. before joining the Avanti team in November of 2020. Luis holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on fluid dynamics.


Luis’ skills and background will make him an exceptional Vice President of Sales in Avanti’s flow metering business. Please join us in congratulating Luis on his new position. 



The Avanti Company was founded in 1977 and provides a wide range of industrial meters, including collection system meters. For more information about The Avanti Company and our services, please visit us online. 

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