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LADWP Saves Time and Money with the FPI Mag Meter

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) was seeking a metering solution to save resources and money, specifically a tool that would assist its water loss control task force while pacing a chemical feed system. It was in need of a solution that would allow its systems to continue running without having to deal with interruptions.

After becoming aware of its existence, LADWP chose to go with the versatile, easy to install, 99-inch FPI (Full Profile Insertion) Mag Meter, the only hot tap FPI Mag Meter of its kind.

FPI Meter installation in pipes of different sizes is a simple process thanks to its intuitive stainless steel construction that is free of moving parts. Because it is a hot tap solution, it can be inserted without having to cause any service disruptions to customers nor does it require having to cut a pipe or de-water a line. Even though it’s designed for simplicity, the FPI Mag’s multi-electrode design delivers exceptional accuracy, rivaling the performance of a more expensive full-bore mag meter.

In addition to its low cost, installation, and ease of use, the FPI provides great versatility for various water and wastewater treatment applications such as pumping stations, filter balancing and backwash, recycle/reclaim, to name a few.

To learn more about LADWP and McCrometer’s FPI Mag Meter, please visit https://www.waterworld.com/municipal/technologies/amr-ami/video/14035974/municipal-water-metering-ladwp-installs-a-99inch-fpi-mag-meter.

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