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Learn About Our On-Site Flow Meter Testing Services

In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of high-quality meters and metering systems, the Avanti Company offers professional On-Site Flow Meter Testing to the Agricultural and Water Utility markets. Avanti can test most meter brands and offers onsite repair and calibration of products offered by our Company. Given our extensive product line and over 35 years of experience, we’re well-suited to the task and approved to test your meters by all of Florida’s Water Management Districts.

Meter testing is highly recommended and often required to ensure that your flow meter is operating and recording properly. A malfunctioning or otherwise inaccurate meter can cost you a lot of money in terms of lost resources, energy, and permitted withdrawal capability. Determining your meter’s performance can also help solve any discrepancies that might otherwise be attributed to accounting errors, leaks, or pump inefficiencies.

Needless to say, it pays to get your flow meter tested, and the Avanti Company has you covered better than no other. We realized the importance of meter testing early, and lead the way in providing this vital and increasingly in-demand service. Not only do we offer only the most advanced and proven flow meter testing devices, but we employ full-time, fully-equipped, and well-trained personnel to get the job done.

Our flexible and wide-ranging testing services encompass most brands that are 1/2″ and larger, and includes the ability to test, calibrate, and repair and maintain meters of the Water Specialties and McCrometer brands. Furthermore, our testers are non-intrusive and use a clamp-on Ultrasonic, Transit Time technology, meaning your meter – and whatever operations it’s supporting – can remain conveniently in service. Of course, we’ll always work with you to find the best time to test your meter.

In addition to testing, the Avanti Company provides complete service capabilities for every product we sell, which includes repair, rebuild, maintenance, and calibration. For more information on the price and details of our testing services, please call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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