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Learn More About Avanti Company and Why We’re the Top Meter Company

For over 35 years, the Avanti Company has been Florida’s leading provider of metering products and services. We credit our continued success to the mission and values that have guided our company from the very beginning. Take the time to learn more About Avanti Company and why it remains the top choice for the metering needs of thousands of customers.

Our mission statement, which we’ve stayed true to since the day we were founded, is as follows:

To Serve our various markets with available knowledge, capability and products, to assist end users to accomplish their assignments as well as possible.

To Represent each of our principles fairly, honestly, and respectfully.

To Be A Witness before all of our business associates to the benefit of dealing with Godly principles of love and charity.

These values are what have allowed both our company and our customers to thrive. We’re the most trusted names in meters because we strive to give clients only the best in every way possible. When Paul and Justine Devlin first founded the Avanti Company in 1977, they were determined to offer customers only the most reliable and advanced meters on the market, as well as personalized and professional services to go with them.

Thus, not only is our equipment of the highest quality, but if any unforeseen difficulties arise, we back our sales with in-house service capability. As per our mission statement, it is our policy to help everyone we can, and to help you find the answer even if we cannot. We will even offer on-the-spot correction at your convenience.

Tim Devlin, the son of the Avanti Company’s founders, joined the firm 25 years ago and continues to manage it under the same vision that his parents did. That’s why we ensure that you’ll find the right product or service for your exact needs. To see for yourself what the Avanti model of business can do for you, call 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.

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