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McCrometer Case Study – Seattle, Washington

McCrometer’s status as one of the world’s premier specialists in Flow Meter Products stems in no small part from its dedication to rigorous testing, research and development and innovation. Its tireless dedication to R&D is why the FPI Mag Flow Meter has become one of the most reliable and sought after solutions on the market.

Among the many case studies confirming this was one that took place in Seattle’s Cedar Water Treatment Facility, which is responsible for 70 percent of the metropolitan area’s drinking water. Capable of treating up to 180 million gallons (mgd) daily, the facility utilizes an advanced ozone / ultraviolet (UV) system that both disinfects water and improves its taste and color.

Moreover, this process, like the facility as a whole, was designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Yet managing accurate flow measurement of this UV system was challenging, even for the Utility’s state-of-the-art FPI Mag Flow Meter.

As a testament to McCrometer’s dedication to top-notch service, when Cedar WTF sought design upgrades to help the meters stay up to the task, the company went all in, as the facility operations manager noted:

“McCrometer stood behind the product and invested in R&D to make improvements. McCrometer certainly exceeds the standards of most vendors and it was refreshing to see how they stood behind its product. I would certainly do business again with McCrometer.”

For decades, McCrometer has relied on its results-driven approach to inform the design and application of its products, seeking constant improvement to keep up to speed on the latest developments and challenges faced by its customers. That is why the company has remained ahead of the curve for over five decades.

FPI Mag Flow Meter represents the next generation of metering technology. Utilizing the latest in electromagnetic design, this streamlined, insertion-style meter provides unmatched accuracy and dependability.

The Avanti Company is proud to be McCrometer’s representative in Florida and Georgia. To learn more about this world-class manufacturer’s product, contact us at 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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