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McCrometer, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Hach Flow Product Line

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McCrometer, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the Hach Flow product line from Hach. This acquisition expands McCrometer’s municipal flow portfolio and strengthens its product suite for open-channel flow monitoring in drinking water and wastewater applications. The transfer of the Hach Flow product line will be led by Brian Thompson, the Hach Flow Integration Leader and Vice President of Sales for McCrometer. Thompson, who joined McCrometer from Hach in January 2023, explains that this acquisition will enable research and development investment and streamline solutions-based services for municipal customers. Hach will continue to manufacture Hach Flow products as a contracted manufacturer for McCrometer, ensuring efficient product fulfillment. For new product development, McCrometer will handle research, development, and manufacturing from its Southern California headquarters. Customers can purchase Hach Flow products through McCrometer authorized representatives or directly from the factory. For more information about Hach Flow and other flow projects by McCrometer, contact the Avanti Company at 800.284.5231.

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