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McCrometer Press Release: Announcing the Launch of New SmartTrax™

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McCrometer has recently unveiled SmartTrax, a telemetry product designed to provide remote meter and sensor readings at an affordable price. Unlike other output devices from McCrometer, SmartTrax is compatible not only with their own flow meters but also with other brands in the market, as long as they have an output.

Aimee Davis, the Agriculture Vertical Marketing Manager, explains that SmartTrax was developed to address the need for a connected solution in the agriculture and irrigation industry that is compatible with various flow meters and their existing electronics. Many users who have owned their flow measurement devices for years are now seeking an upgrade to create an automated and connected agtech system.

SmartTrax incorporates ExactRead™ technology, ensuring a precise match from the totalizer to the website, eliminating the need for physical visits to the meter for flow data recording. Users can conveniently access their data through a user-friendly website, which allows customization of output intervals and dashboard views based on their specific requirements.

According to Davis, SmartTrax significantly contributes to the efficiency of resource allocation for irrigators. Users not only save time and money but also gain peace of mind knowing that SmartTrax helps monitor their usage for regulatory purposes. Accurate and reliable flow data is crucial, particularly when irrigators have a specific water allocation. SmartTrax simplifies monitoring and reporting tasks.

SmartTrax is now available for purchase either as an integrated unit with any McCrometer flow meter or as a standalone meter for retrofit purposes. Customers can place orders through authorized representatives or directly from the McCrometer factory. For more information on SmartTrax or other flow products from McCrometer, visit the product page.

McCrometer is recognized for its advanced flow measurement solutions that address complex challenges across various industries, including agricultural irrigation, municipal and industrial water and wastewater, oil and gas, process control, power generation, and institutional facilities. Their high-performance products and systems meet and exceed the most demanding industrial, safety, and quality standards, making McCrometer a trusted choice worldwide.

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