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McCrometer Unveils the McMag2000

As the inventors of the propeller flow meter, McCrometer continues to innovate its flow technology while keeping costs low. Its latest innovation is the recently announced McMag2000™ flow meter, aimed at the ever-growing ag-tech industry.

The McMag2000 is an electromagnetic flow meter designed in an insertion style and developed for use in the irrigation and water industry. It works best in applications involving center pivot systems, monitoring wells, measuring surface water, and more. With the McMag2000, farmers and irrigators have a robust do-it-yourself solution that’s cost-effective, easy to install, as well as easy to maintain.

Whenever maintenance is required on a flow meter, it’s often necessary for a line to be shut down so that the meter can be removed. This can be particularly troublesome during active agriculture seasons, and the McMag2000 addresses this common problem with its design. Since it’s built modularly, its components can be individually replaced or repaired as necessary without requiring the meter to be replaced entirely.

The McMag2000 is up for pre-order and will become widely available by the end of March.

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