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McCrometer – Where’s The Fire? Industrial Uses For Fire Hydrant Meters

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McCrometer releases news that fire hydrant meters play a crucial role in tracking and allocating water use for intermittent and movable access points in industrial settings. They are commonly used to measure flow capacity at specific points in a distribution system or to track cumulative water volume over time. Fire hydrant flow meters offer advantages in terms of quick and easy attachment to fire hydrants, eliminating the need for customization. They can be used for both temporary installations and permanent applications. Common uses include flow testing by testing companies, fire departments, and municipalities to ensure fire hydrants meet minimum flow requirements. These meters can also be utilized for other industrial applications such as documenting water-use charges for filling swimming pools, hydrant openings during heat waves, or temporary projects by construction contractors. Private businesses can also track internal water usage downstream from their water-utility meter for separate cost accounting. When selecting a fire hydrant flow meter for industrial or commercial use, important features to consider include meter size, accuracy, flow measurement capabilities, mounting options, and construction materials. Ensuring maximum accuracy, reliability, and performance is crucial for long-term usage. Stainless-steel construction, built-in check valves, and strainers are recommended for reliable performance, especially when dealing with untreated water sources. Overall, fire hydrant flow meters provide a convenient and efficient solution for tracking water usage in ad hoc industrial applications.

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