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McCrometer’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Agriculture and Irrigation


Electromagnetic meters, commonly referred to as mag meters, are a velocity-type water meter. These devices measure velocity utilizing electromagnetic properties, as opposed to other flow measurement techniques. The additional advantage of electromagnetic meters being able to measure flow in either direction is that they don’t rely on mechanical parts to do so. They might also be the best option when it comes to measuring the flow of unfiltered water because there is little chance that buildup will damage the water meter.


Using electromagnetic technology to measure water flow, McCrometer’s Mc Mag3000™ offers a new option for flow measurement to farmers and irrigators. The revolutionary design of the Mc Mag3000 saddle mount meter incorporates a multi-point angled sensor that sheds debris, making it excellent for usage in surface water, animal waste lagoons, and other applications with dirty water.


Furthermore, by using electromagnetic technology to detect water flow, the Mc Mag3000’s accuracy sensor constantly obtains the mean velocity from its many electrodes to compensate for variable pipe velocity. The result is a flow meter with an accuracy of  100% ± 1%. Providing accurate flow measurement for full-pipe flow monitoring applications, the meter combines a unique saddle, a precision sensor, and a battery-powered integrated electronic converter with data logging functionality.


The Mc Mag3000 is simple to install, even in confined locations. There are no pricey flanges or welding involved. Users just cut a 3″ diameter hole in the top of their pipe, insert the sensor into the hole, and then secure the meter to the pipe using the U-straps supplied by the manufacturer.


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