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McCrometer’s Slurry Flow Measurement: Application Challenges and Project Considerations

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McCrometer recently released, slurries, which are flow media composed of liquid and suspended solids, are found in various industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining, and food and beverage.

Different types of slurries, such as sand and water slurries, talcum powder and water slurries, and pulp stock slurries, exhibit different behaviors and can pose challenges for flow measurement due to composition, velocity, and available metering technologies. Some of the challenges include erosion, noise, and obstructions in the flow, which can affect the accuracy and longevity of flow measurement devices.

Metering technologies such as electromagnetic (mag) meters, Coriolis meters, and ultrasonic meters have been used with success in some slurry flow applications, but each has its limitations and considerations. Grounding techniques may also be necessary to ensure signal integrity in mag meter operation.

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