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Itron recently published a new case study involving the City of Murfreesboro Water & Sewer Department (MWSD) in Tennessee. The department was seeking a way to modernize its meter reading process to improve its water use and delivery. MWSD was also aiming to reduce the amount of non-revenue water. This necessitated a technology that could address these problems while also allowing MSWD the flexibility of future growth. After much evaluation, MSWD decided to go with Itron’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution featuring acoustic leak detection and analytics software.

Since implementing Itron’s AMI solution, MSWD has seen dramatic results in operational efficiency, saving millions of gallons of water each year. The staff is better equipped to complete preventative maintenance and detect leaks while also reducing its non-revenue water. Customers are also in a better position to receive actionable data.

In one scenario, the Acoustic Leak Sensors detected a leak with a rate of about 70gpm, The Itron technology not only alerted MSWD of the leak, it continued to proactively monitor it until the department was able to schedule a repair at the best time. Thanks to the AMI technology, the impact on Murfreesboro’s citizens and the environment was minimal. Since the leak was repaired, over twenty million gallons of water were saved, resulting in more than $40,000 in savings.

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