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New Contract Between Itron and United Utilities in England

Itron recently announced that they had signed a contract with United Utilities to deploy their next-generation cloud-based meter management solution, Temetra. With their latest technology, utilities will be equipped to read 1.6 million meters with the goal in mind to elevate the way water is delivered and managed in the northwest region of England.


United Utilities is set to install Temetra with full mobile integration, allowing data to be securely stored in the cloud. The system will enable United Utilities to change meter data from virtually anywhere with one login online with a web-based interface and mapping capabilities. Temetra’s core Geo Routing function can assign work to meters and operating areas automatically. With the appointment booking feature, United Utilities’ customer service team will react faster and more efficiently than ever before.


United Utilities is responsible for northwest England’s water and wastewater services, including cities like Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, and Cheshire. The English utility company provides nearly 475 million gallons of water in a day to over 3.2 million homes and 200,000 businesses.


Major projects include investments of over 90 million euros to Oldham and Royton Wastewater treatment works, where they will be listening to community response for their plans for wastewater treatment improvement, which includes flow meters. They have also invested 200 million euros in Davyhulme, the region’s most extensive wastewater treatment works. The project will improve the quality of water for over 1.2 million residents with the help of on site flow meter testing.


United Utilities mission is to provide water in an environmentally sustainable, economically beneficial, and socially responsible way. Through customer-centric, innovative, and trustworthy technology, they can provide crucial resources, and now thanks to the contract with Itron, they will continue to deliver high-quality utilities to northwest England for years to come.

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