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Non-Contact Sewer Flow Meter From Hach

The FL1500 Series Flow Control is useful for wastewater, collection systems, and industrial water. The Hach FL15000, one of the collection system meters available through the Avanti Company, among other flow meters, allows for more flexibility than ever before. The flexible sensor options allow for versatility for a wide range of flow applications.


To help ensure the most accurate date, the FL1500 connects with Hach’s full portfolio of flow sensors, while sensor calibration gives step-by-step guidance. This helps ensure errors are kept to a minimum.


Hach’s FL1500 is also an agile flow logger, working with Hach sensors to work well in many different forms of applications. The multi-channel controller is able to handle four independent flow sensors at a time. It can be used with peripheral equipment, including rain gauges, pH sensors, mechanical totalizers, and autosamplers. This makes it easy to collect measurements with reliability.


The FL1500 has a simple color screen, making operations easier and more efficient. The flexible programming options on the keypad, USB stick, or PC (FSDARA software) allow form and functionality with every process. Communication may be remote between the logger and a SCADA or PLC, allowing for faster data retrieval.


The size of the FL1500 is 25.4 cm high, 29.2 cm wide, and 12.1 cm diameter, which includes the mounting brackets and clear cover (but not the cord grips). Operating temperatures range from negative four degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Storage temperatures range from negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Learn more about the FL1500 from Hach here.

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