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Partnership Between Itron and SmartThings Unlocks Utility Energy Analytics for Carbon Reduction

Itron, Inc. and SmartThings, Inc. are collaborating to deliver a seamless energy experience by integrating Itron’s industrial IoT network solution and SmartThings’ services and solution. The companies intend to combine their industry-leading IoT platforms to enable utilities to unlock the user experience and rapidly increase value for both consumers and utilities through enhanced distributed energy management, accelerated carbon reduction, and increased consumer engagement.


The partnership will use SmartThings Energy service and Itron’s tried-and-true distributed intelligence (DI) ecosystem, which has millions of connected endpoints, to provide real-time energy readings and consumption patterns to enhance energy management and conservation. The combined solution, which will support various connectivity methods, will combine real-time consumption data from participating consumers’ meters, behind-the-meter assets, and appliances within the SmartThings Energy, giving the consumer a comprehensive picture of their energy usage.


Customers who choose to participate in their utility’s program will have better visibility into their energy use and use less, allowing utilities to advance their carbon reduction goals and improve overall grid management and visibility. Utility companies, for instance, will be able to improve their demand response (DR) programs by combining AI Energy Saving mode with high-fidelity real-time data from Itron’s IIoT solution to start DR events for participating consumers and lower the energy load of their appliances.



This update is brought to you by the Avanti Company, providers of flow meters, collection system meters, and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to maximize and better utilize the data coming into your Utility. For more information on Itron and other water and sewage system products, call 1-800-284-5231.

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