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Pittsburgh Gas Utility Has a Bright Future with OpenWay Riva

As urban populations continue to grow, utilities and city governments must deal with the significant challenges involved in ensuring there is always reliable and safe access to water and energy. Part of the process of doing this means utilizing data and tools to manage these vital resources as accurately as possible and in real-time.

Based in Pittsburgh, Peoples Natural Gas (also known simply as Peoples) is the largest natural gas distributor in the Keystone State, boasting well over 700,000 customers. As a response to Pittsburgh’s efforts towards spearheading smart city initiatives harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology., Peoples developed its own network. This network improves the utility’s infrastructure and maintains secure gas delivery by using the power of Itron’s OpenWay® Riva, allowing access to vital data which can be easily analyzed.

OpenWay Riva brings together a myriad of meters, network devices and distributed assets to assist with delivering services while also pushing towards smart city goals. In the case of Peoples, it has the reliability of a solution that constantly assesses system conditions, in turn evolving from a gas utility using a system of connected devices to an active network that can monitor and respond to network changes in real time. Once the network has been fully implemented, Peoples will have the power of more than 450,000 smart gas modules capable of automated reading plus powerful mobile data collecting features that will improve reliability and eliminated billing.

To read more, check out the Summer 2018 issue of Western Energy®, the official publication of Western Energy Institute.

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