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Save Money and Water with On-Site Flow Meter Testing

Leak detection and prevention are both dependent on testing. Leaks can cause severe financial, physical, and environmental impact if not handled. The Avanti Company, Florida’s leading flow meter and water meter supplier, offers services that help customers avoid dangerous hazards and ensure that their collection systems are secure, fast, and effective for years to come. Avanti’s on-site flow meter testing is beneficial to agricultural, industrial, municipal, plant, residential, and commercial businesses.

Flow meters must be examined on a regular basis by state and municipal governments to ensure accuracy and performance, including withdrawals, processing, and reporting. Avanti uses qualified personnel to conduct on-site meter testing to guarantee that the collection system meters are working properly and within the prescribed criteria. Avanti has been certified by the Water Management Districts for testing and meter certification. Because they use non-intrusive, verified metering technology, meters may be checked without interrupting service.

Avanti’s trained experts ensure that liquids are moving under realistic and required flow conditions during the calibration testing. During the currency and processing phases, they ensure that all elements are functioning properly and that there are no leaks to save you water and money on water bills.

To learn more about the Avanti Company and the services and products we provide, including utility systems and flow meters, please visit us online or call us at 800.284.5231.

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