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Save Water and Money With This Innovative Water Audit Method

Utilities of all sizes are in the business of selling water. That is their product, which they must extract, treat, and deliver to their customers. From withdrawal to distribution to delivery, even the most advanced Utilities can lose a lot of already treated water during these processes; costing them valuable financial and environmental resources.  The highest expense in every Utility is energy costs from pumping and treating.  Reducing unaccounted for water, reduces the amount needed to be pumped.

In fact, this remains a common problem for Utilities across the country, with national averages of unaccounted-for-water (UFW) being very high. This non-revenue water can be detrimental to the financial viability of Utilities, as well as to the interests of clients.

That is why the Avanti Company, a leading specialist on Flow Meter Products and metering solutions, encourages Utilities to implement the latest Water Audit Method in the industry. Devised by a joint task force of the International Water Association (IAW) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA), this cutting-edge approach has been rigorously tested to provide proven results.

The IAW/AWWA Water Audit Method comprehensively details the wide variety of consumption and losses that exist in any given community water system. It is the culmination of an extensive five-country study formed by the two groups to develop a best practice water audit structure for all water utilities.

It traces the flow of water across all processes: from the site of withdrawal or treatment, through the distribution system, and into the properties of customers. In this way, the method summarizes components, provides accountability, and ensures that all water that goes into the system equals what goes out.

The method’s effectiveness stems from its sound and consistent definitions of the major forms of water consumption and water loss that are commonly faced in drinking water utilities. For example, System Input Volume is corrected for known errors and broken down into two categories: Authorized Consumption and Water Losses. These in turn yield to other respective categories and so on, giving a simple but holistic view of the water balance.

These components and definitions are neatly and consistently defined, accounting for system-specific attributes (average pressure, total length of water mains, etc.) that make evaluation more reliable. From there, performance indicators and a simple Water Audit Tool allows water Utilities to make a meaningful assessment of their water loss standing, as well as consult helpful comments and suggestions.

With this method, Utilities can also establish a point of reference with other counterparts, and set performance targets that will ensure long-term viability. By quantifying all the water in a system as either beneficial or wasteful, it helps place a cost on each volume component and thus allows Utilities to better assess how much of each loss is occurring and what the financial impact is.

This streamlined and field-tested approach is accessible enough to be utilized from a worksheet or spreadsheet. It is an invaluable resource at a time when cost-effectiveness is as vital as ever. The Avanti Company is well equipped to provide information in this area. To learn more, contact 800-284-5231 or info@avanticompany.com.

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