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Smart Metering Solutions With the SM700 by Elster


To meet the demands of modern metering operations, a major trend has emerged in the area of “smart metering”, in which cutting-edge designs and technologies are utilized to deliver the best in cost-effectiveness, precision, and durability.

Leading the way in this vital area is Elster, a global leader in intelligent Water Meters, whose acclaimed SM700 Fluidic Oscillator Water Meter offers the innovative features and functions needed for optimal long-term performance.

This state-of-the-art meter stands out in many key ways. For starters, it lacks any moving parts, relying instead on the science of fluidic oscillation technology, which can accurately measure water in volumetric units.

Not only does this method exceed the requirements of the AWWA C713 standard, but it makes the SM700 less susceptible to being worn down – and thus rendered less accurate – by particulate matter like sand, grit, and fine silt. Needless to say, this makes for tremendous savings in maintenance and replacement in the long term.

Indeed, an extensive body of client testimonials and independent tests has demonstrated that the SM700 prevents significant losses in water metering revenue. It also shows improved linearity of accuracy over mechanical met sizes 5/8” through 1”.

In addition to a clear LCD display for quick and easy assessment, the SM700 is compatible with AMR/AMI systems and can be further customized with factory potted connections to offer more installation options and greater longevity in pit environments.

Given these qualities, it is little wonder that over 1.5 million of these kinds of smart meters are being used in operations across the world, including harsh environments like the Middle East and Africa – a very strong endorsement to say the least.

If you would like to learn more about the SM700, call the Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email info@avanticompany.com.


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