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Those who work within the oil and gas industry are likely familiar with the words ‘sour service’. This is hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-based flow media that is commonly used in natural gas, drilling, crude oil production, and even treating wastewater. New or current flow projects may also result in stress-induced cracking in certain metals, prompting pipeline engineers to use heavy-duty materials that meet strict conditions.

Oil and gas make use of sour gas applications for hydrocarbon processing from oil fields. Duplex and super duplex stainless steels, along with low-temperature carbon steel with a distinct threshold for corrosion are standard materials for sour work. The V-Cone® is an excellent flow meter for such applications, which typically involve rigorous requirements.

When choosing a material for a pipeline and flow meter, several considerations are evaluated; the pipeline engineer typically works alongside a metallurgist or material selection specialist, as well as a process engineer, all of whom take into account variables such as flow media, pipeline strain, temperature, and market specifications that must be followed.

It can be challenging to meet the straight-run demands required by differential pressure technologies should a project have ample compression lines, from a design standpoint. Because the number of expensive materials available to build both the pipeline and the flow meter has limitations, the V-Cone’s minimal straight-run requirements reduce costs with weight and space saved. When pipeline engineers specify a more costly metal for the V-Cone, the actual financial investment in a duplex flow meter is a lot less since the straight-run parameters are almost non-existent.

Customers also benefit from the diversity of V-Cone material design solutions because it helps them to retain technical compliance while still implementing a cost-effective solution; this, along with the V-Cone’s lifespan lasting over two decades makes it an investment meter pipeline engineers can trust. Should you have any questions about industrial meters or water meters, we can help.

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