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Startup Services Are Invaluable in Meter Installation

In a perfect world, a meter installation would always be a straightforward process, but this isn’t always the case. Many flow monitoring projects may initially seem simple but they may soon escalate into something much more involved, particularly if the meter is intended to address a complex measurement scenario.

McCrometer provides a startup tool to avoid potentially time-consuming and stressful glitches and problems. Installation support, troubleshooting, and onsite preparation are usually included. The term “usually” is used because each situation is special and tailored; the level of attention paid to each service aspect varies based on the difficulty, the amount of meters being installed, and other implementation variables.

The service can usually be performed in a few hours, but in more complex implementations, it may extend several days. Unaccounted flow disruptions, electrically dense conditions with difficult grounding problems, and previously unknown constraints can all contribute to startup service difficulties.

Expecting the startup operation from the beginning makes for better preparation and scheduling, resulting in a quick and easy setup.

The technical support team at McCrometer has previously provided startup services to the oil and gas, industrial, and local sectors. The FPI Mag®, the V-Cone®, and its full-bore mags are a few examples of products that frequently take advantage of the startup service.

Mechanical meters are installed with limited technological components and quick troubleshooting due to the simple design of the measuring technology, but customers installing a single propeller meter don’t always choose the startup service. Customers who have scheduled the startup service have benefited from keeping a McCrometer agent on hand to discuss the need for maintenance, installer preparation and monitoring, customer training, and more.

Although the assembly and configuration of the meters and converters are at the core of the startup service, the professional support team’s experience is invaluable as and when problems occur. Please contact us if you have questions about this, flow meter products, or collection system meters.

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