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Streamlining Flow Monitoring with Ultrasonic Clamp-On Meters


At Avanti, we understand how critical accurate flow measurements are, which is why we are proud to offer some of the most advanced ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters on the market. An ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter utilizes non-intrusive measurement capabilities to monitor liquid flow without the need to cut into a pipe or disrupt the flow of a liquid. This makes them perfect for applications that require quick, accurate measurements that don’t involve a great deal of disruption.


Here are five reasons why you should choose an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter:


Non-Intrusive Measurement: Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are designed to be non-intrusive, meaning there is no need to cut into a pipe or disrupt the liquid flow to get an accurate reading.


Quick Installation: The installation process for an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter is extremely simple and doesn’t require any special or expensive tools. This makes them ideal for applications where a permanent meter can’t be installed or where a quick measurement is needed.


Accurate Measurement: Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters offer precise measurements over a wide range of flow rates. This makes them ideal for applications that require pinpoint accuracy.


Versatile: Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are suitable for a wide variety of liquids and can handle both low and high flow rates. This makes them suitable for a host of different applications.


Cost-Effective: Oftentimes, ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are seen as a budget-friendly alternative to traditional inline and insertion meters.


At Avanti, we offer industrial meters and collection system meters to meet the needs of modern businesses. Our equipment meets the highest standards for quality and accuracy, and our experienced engineers are available to provide assistance and technical support. 


To find out more about how our flow meters can help you achieve accurate, cost-effective flow measurements, contact us online or give us a call at 800.284.5231 today.


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